Gereja Batak Karo Protestan (GBKP) began to open a service place for handicapped persons  on 21st of July in 1988. Because of the limitation of fund and knowledge in handling handicapped persons, GBKP sought support and working partner in Holland namely Board of Biblical Evangelism Hervormed Holland and they accepted the idea and were willing to help GBKP construct some houses for education and boarding house and also obtained support from German churches associated in UEM by sending volunteer workers as consultants and supporting fund (incidental) but operational expenses had to be prepared by GBKP from worshippers, government  authority, private and other working partners.

The vision of this Alpha Omega is to save handicapped person.

To realize this vision, missions have been made as follows:

1. To lead, to educate, and to make the handicapped able to stand alone in order that their lives become more prosperous or better.
2. To change way  of thinking of community which is still negative against the handicapped persons.

To realize the vision, the foundation for welfare of handicapped Alpha Omega, together with 35 workers, open a service and program for 90 handicapped children as follows:

1. Children Asylum.

Through this children asylum the handicapped children are led, educated, controlled and rehabilitated through activities for implementing life style in order, maximizing health through routine health control and  giving healthy food. 

2. Extra Ordinary School

Through this school the handicapped children are educated and trained to live by themselves and become skilled. Commensurate with the data collected in Tanah Karo, because many children suffer from mental disorder, deaf and dumb, then this foundation opens an extra ordinary school for them with educational program based on life skill.

3. Physiotherapy.

To increase the children’s health, some physiotherapists and nurses including rooms and equipment have been prepared. Now the handicapped children are not taken to the therapy center anymore if they need therapy, but they will be treated by physiotherapist and nurses, in the boarding houses using the equipment available. At the moment this

foundation is seeking consultant doctor as volunteer worker.

4. Supporting Activities

a. Workshop

In directing and leading the handicapped children to wards being able to stand alone become skilled, this foundation has opened a workshop as training location for making furniture, embroidering, weaving and making batik and many others. The product made by them will be displayed and sold at the showroom of Alpha Omega. The showroom, KUBA (joint work group), canteen and guest house will be constantly developed so that all of them can become learning facilities and supporting fund for Alpha Omega

b. Training for agriculture and livestock

Most of community in Karo Regency live on agriculture product so the children’s skill is also directed towards agriculture and livestock. Adult handicapped children are trained to stand alone (to live by themselves) at the training place (location) before going back to community. This vocational school is situated at Lingga Village which covers an area of 7,5 Ha used as location for agriculture and live stock.

At this location some 950 orange trees and coffee trees have been planted and some 16 cows, pigs, sheep and chickens have been raised.

At the moment one of the programs made is to develop this location to become agro tourism area. At this location there have been 5 houses, 1 multipurpose building, 2 additional buildings that can be used as meeting place.

At this location integrated agriculture is implemented with cattle feed processing, organic fertilizer and horticulture plants.

This project cooperates with Yayasan Ate Keleng (Ate Keleng Foundation) as partner of the project. 1 Ha of land is now being planted with vegetables for being consumed by the handicapped and the rest will be sold.

The cow manure of the 16 cows, which has long been used as fertilizer for the orange trees before being used as fertilizer is now, processed to become biogas for lights and as stove for cooking. Though the need for biogas hasn’t been fulfilled yet, the biogas used has been able to decrease operational expenses. Some visitors have come to this place for coparative study for learning the biogas process

5. Increasing the staff’s human resources.

The human resources of Alpha Omega will be constantly increased. In increasing the human resources of the staff of Alpha Omega opportunity is given to enter for education and training, orientation, course, seminar, comparative study, and consultation either domestic or abroad. However the opportunity given is still far from being enough. Therefore the staff need more opportunities for becoming better human resources.

6. Letting the worshippers or public know.

      In letting the worshippers or public know Alpha Omega, some ways / medium have been done or used namely:

  1. Welcoming visitors attendance either from churches or community.
  2. Paying a visit to churches twice a month constantly done.
  3. Celebrating Christmas day every year held at Clasis by taking turn or holding celebration for Alpha Omega’s anniversary every year.
  4. Letting the worshippers or public know through GBKP news on Gray-FM-Radio Berastagi at the schedule determined, its program is short meditation then interactive dialogue alternated with praising songs of children.
  5. Filling Alpha Omega’s website in GBKP’s website with the address www.gbkp.or.id also through GBKP’s Bulletin-Maranata.
  6. Joining in exhibition, introducing the products made by children and sold there and also sending the handicraft made by the children to Germany.
  7. Joining Porseni (an event for sports and art) for handicapped children of North Sumatera.

Through these efforts community’s awareness for sending/entrusting their children to Alpha Omega increases and increases, but even so still, many parents are ashamed if their children are known as handicapped so their handicapped children are hidden at their own homes.


                  Chairman                                                                     Secretary

         Pt. Ir. Mulia Barus, M.Si                                            Benyamin Tarigan, S.Pd


What we need :

Music instrument : guitar, keyboard

Labtop and projector

 Agenda :
Sight seeing to vocational centre